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Barr, Climate Action, and More — 37 - Hardly Strictly Politics

May 5, 2019

Topics covered in order:
-Barr testimony
-Climate Action Now Act
-Break 1
-Social Media Purge
-Break 2
-Lifestyle Challenge
-Grab Bag Special

Welcome back to Hardly Strictly Politics for episode number 37. The HSP boys are glad to be back after episode 36, with this week being dominated by the Bill Barr testimony.

We're now on week 4 of back-to-back slow news weeks. As always though, there's still plenty to talk about.

We begin this episode with a run-down and discussion the AG Bill Barr congressional testimony. Russ delivers a stellar analysis of the testimony. Afterward, he and Luke discuss the merits of the testimony.

Moving on, we discuss the Climate Action Now bill, which just passed the house this week. While this bill is dead on arrival because it'll never pass the Senate, we focus most of our attention on the right's reaction.

After a break, we move on updates and corrections. We didn't have many of either this week, so we quickly move on to the latest social purge of right-wing "extremists". While most of the right-wing are concerned about regulating social media companies, Luke and Russ stay grounded in principles.

Finally, we close out the show with a break, update on the lifestyle challenge, and the Grab Bag Special. This week we hit Andrew Yang's CNN town hall.


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